Sunday, May 31, 2009

camp mo-val

you guys back already??
upon arriving at camp mo-val, we were treated to the new dee-lux accommodations. it seems that in the past, the living quarters were rather stark. we found them to be very comfortable indeed, as tyson does his best urkel imitation.
at night, there were always plenty of things to do. hanna and tyson make use of the huge fireside room floor with the dominos.
it's quite surprising to me that hanna enjoys the outdoors as much as she does. from hanna montana to grizzly adams just like that!
kevin was m.c. of the event, so he gave the kids first class tickets to the outdoors.
eli took this.
on a hike through the creek, literally, hanna found a new friend.
eli enjoyed the creek hike, too. he looks like a homeless child. somebody get that kid a shirt, willya?
tyson's clothes and shoes were in a perpetual state of yuck.
we built rockets out of 2 liter soda bottles. we put on a nose cone and fins. hanna added some flair. i sat amongst them looking intense.
kevin had this contraption that launched the bottles. we filled the bottles with water, and the tube was pressurized with a schwinn pump. pow! the bottles flew and water went everywhere. ours was pretty cool, but didn't go the farthest or the highest. curse that rocket science degree, anyway....
the paddle boat adventure started out as a three hour tour.
pool time meant that i was able to lay down in the shade and i actually nodded off to sleep. tim don't swin.
on the hay wagon, we sat on hay. there was a sister camp ground just down the road and we rode the hay wagon over for some evening festivities.
a long make-shift slip and slide (with baby shampoo as the slippery medium) was the highlight of the trip. hanna splashes down.
tyson and gus were determined to go the farthest on the slide. neither did, as a couple of the adults slid clear off the end and into the mud.
mrs k's first attempts were short......
...then she figured out how to make it to the mud. glad i got this photo.
eli has been wrestling with a cold, and he's been going non-stop. he gave up during the slip and slide fiasco, but....
...awakened long enough to beg for a nutty bar, then fell asleep with it in his hand.
hanna is actually awake here, but we caught her at the right moment. well, she might not think it's the right moment.
eli sums up the way we felt when leaving camp mo-val.

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