Monday, June 01, 2009

bad rides

i took advantage of my west county-ness to ride one of my favorite rides. "one should not miss an opportunity to ride ones favorite rides". i don't think Confucius said that.

anyway, it was hot. not that i was bothered. it was windy. that bothered me. and i was slow. that bothered me quite a bit, too. for the last week or so, i have been devastatingly slow. i think my rock and roll lifestyle has caught up with me. perhaps my big camping weekend has put the nail in the coffin, too.

i climbed ossenfort, bassett, and allenton roads. that was enough climbing. the wind was in my face for 355 degrees of movement. somewhere out there, there was 5 degrees of direction, that, if i held my tongue just right, would net me a limp wristed tail wind. limp wristed is generous.

i headed home with my tail between my legs and my head hung low. an epiphany: it is said that even a bad ride is better than no ride. i don't think that is always right. and i don't think Confucius said that, either.

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Dan Schmatz said...

I wouldn't say a bad ride is better than no ride but a bad ride does make the good ones that much better.