Saturday, June 20, 2009

bad cell phone pics of father's day dinner

my cell phone takes horrendous photos in low lighting. but, i had to document some of the buffoonery going on at grandma's house for our father's day dinner tonight. here we have just started charades. my first time up, i got "the magus". what the hell is that?
eli was really having a good time. it seemed to energize him that no one was paying any attention to him. well, we did, but he didn't think so. kevin caught him for a few moments.
mrs k and dad zim on the hot seat. i have no idea how they guessed some of the words and phrases. charades is hard. i was sweating.
kevin thought that charades was just too hard and decided to hide rather than go up for his next turn. funny, he used to fit under this table when he was 3, not so much now.

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