Friday, June 19, 2009

work on my own bike? never!

but i did today. i joked at the rhett's run race that my bike had the same dirt on it that it's had since the first mtn bike race of the year at lost valley. and today, just to be different, i cleaned the dirt off the bike that was there since rhett's run.

while i was at it, i put on a new chain. and new tires. ambitious as it may sound, i'm a bit embarrassed. my mountain bikes used to be so spic and span. i spent quite a bit of time on them to make sure there were no issues and they looked good.

who has time for that now? if it rolls, shifts, and brakes, it's ON. i plan on doing the st. joe state park race on sunday, so the least i could do is make sure it works.

i'm going to hold off on getting a really nice mountain bike until after 'cross season. i'm not going to spend a lot of money on a cross bike, but i have to have one and that means the mtb will stay as is.


AlferSchvonz said...

I would find an old Zascar and rock the rigid fork.

Anonymous said...

Bike riding is hard. Why do we do this again?