Sunday, June 07, 2009

muscle cars, a piece of americana

somehow today at the mtb race in columbia we got to talking about muscle cars. i mentioned that yesterday i had seen a 1971 torino that looked delicious and today we saw a new camaro. that got me thinking...i haven't done an old car post in a while, yesterday's granada's notwithstanding. so, much to ryan hermsmeyer's chagrin, here are some nice pics. the first is the 1970 1/2 camaro z/28. ah, such beauty, and until the newest camaro hit the streets recently, i't the only one i care to look at.
one of my favorites of all time. both of my parents owned torinos. this is a 1971 with all the goods and some bad (not good) aftermarket wheels.
the torino's evil twin, the mercury cyclone. 1970. not very many of these suckers are around. love that grill. looks like it wants to eat you. a 429 (ford's internal name for the 429 was KONG) is under that hood.
not a chevelle fan. even so, this 1970 is hot. and chevelle's always had the pick of the gm litter when it came to badass big cube engines. you don't want to race this thing for pinks with your civic.
who doesn't know what this is? yes, it probably has a hemi. or a 440, at least. road runner, 1969. something about orange makes this thing even hotter. i wonder how long it would take to burn those skinny little tires to the rims?
amc amx. now there was a strange company. the amx was a chopped wheelbase javelin. one block over, there are two (darker) green ones like this in various states of disrepair. but, they run, and i've seen them moved from the driveway to the street a few times. i bet repair parts for these things would send you to the poor house....a defunct company that only made a few examples of a niche model.

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