Sunday, June 28, 2009

macbeth did it

we were able to catch the final show of 'macbeth did it' at bishop dubourg on saturday night. rosco was the only dog cast in the play, which is good because it's hard to get dogs to say their lines or sing on command. his character was 'rock hudson', the teacup dog of a wealthy actress. i dropped him off at the school and he was cool as a cucumber. i told him to break a leg but he was already getting into character and ignored me.
the kids were excited to see the play. tyson was so excited that he went temporarily blind.
'rock' got his thank you card from the rest of the cast.....
....and his bio in the program was hilarious.
us, with the little dog star after the event. i was pretty happy that he didn't have to wear a pride-swallowing costume for the play. only the scarf. he looked pretty tired here.
and he was. when we got home, i went downstairs to check mail and he plopped onto his towel and went fast asleep. no big after-play party for this actor.

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