Thursday, June 11, 2009

slicks no more

i have made every excuse in the book. i don't have time. they cost a lot of money. i want to get a new car, anyway. i'm lazy.

well, today i drove my car 3 10ths of a mile to a tire shop and said..."tires. alignment. nothing more, or you won't get paid."

two hours later, i had new tires. now i don't have to cringe when it rains. last time i drove to get hanna, i was driving 50 mph in a rainstorm on the highway. too much hydroplaning go on from the slicks. that was pretty stupid and just not worth the risk.

i would have to say getting new tires for the car is sort of like getting a cavity filled. it's a lot worse just to sit and worry about it than to just have it done.

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