Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the people you meet

since i have been out of the shop and into the 'real' world of my own business, i've had the opportunity to get acquainted with people that i have known for a long time but never got to 'know'. it has been really interesting.

it's really nice to not be so married to a particular store. that seems to force a person to draw lines and make alliances that leave out people you would normally really like to get to know. i think the same thing can be said for racing teams, too. it's natural to segregate people by shop and team, even though i don't think it's healthy.

outside of the bike shop/bike team people, i have met some great customers. there are a lot of cool people out there that just ride bikes for the pure enjoyment of it that DON'T race and that DON'T work at a shop that are rabid enthusiasts. one of my first customers is a great guy who has more bikes in his apartment than i ever did as a single guy. cooler bikes, too. i met a guy today who happens to own a company that makes KILLER salad dressing. go figure!

i like this job. i work more hours than i ever have, but i like it.


Brian H said...

Thanks for recognizing that even people who don't race can be rabid bike fans!

Jeff said...

I would lean more towards people who don't race can more than not be way more rabid bike fans. Because they just do it for fun. There is no sort of alternate interest, i.e. competition, training, etc. A group of 6 friends of mine took the train to Chicago and rode their bikes back to st, louis just for the hell of it, over the course of a week. These are also people who collect old bikes to weld together their own crazy contraptions. So rabid fan is a broad term that doesn't always tie to the latest and lightest toys.