Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday at the blue owl

we drove down to kimswick this morning to have lunch with my sister who is here from out of town. the blue owl is a favorite of my brother's and sister, so off we went. the drive started with a bit of vintage american iron. on the way, we saw an identical ford to this one, without a hood and the typical heretical chevy engine. up arrival, this one was already there. no word on what was under the hood.
after eating, the kids were antsy, so i took them for a walk outside the building. kimswick is a quiet little town, so we immediately noticed this lotus elise parked on the street. hanna is in love with the elise, so we took some shots.
and there were more in the parking lot. a red elise. delicious.
and a silver one, too. this is an exige, i believe.
another one. super cool color, bronze-ish brown metalflake.
and there was a caterham seven. nice piece of work.
and this trick early 60's lotus eleven. looks like a driver rather than a museum piece.
so low, so small. crazy wire wheels on it, too.
my favorite, the esprit v8. turbo v8 with a flat plane crankshaft. in yellow, too.
eli liked it, too. although he kept calling them mustangs.
and the obligatory english car was there, too. this mg was pimped out. it seems that the table next to ours in the restaurant was occupied by the local lotus car club.

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