Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eli at the carnival

the big carnival that sets up close to the house every june happened a couple saturdays ago. eli always hits the cars first. he likes this one. sort of a mixture of corvette and hot wheels? the 'engine' is always interesting to me. that's a real valve cover of some kind on top. and an alternator fan on the front. if the black dots on the sides are to be thought of as spark plugs or coil packs, then this baby is a V-16!
they had a little bounce house and it was a big hit. literally. elijah kept running into the side posts and bouncing a couple of feet backward. he did it repeatedly. hmmm. that boy ain't right.
cousin max was a great sport and accompanied eli on the worm-like roller coaster thing. eli is ready to roll.
once under way, he hits the dashboard wheel. or whatever it is. it even looks like max is having fun, doesn't it?

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