Saturday, June 06, 2009

my old cars

i was just trying to figure out how to use our copier/scanner. when i do, i'm going to scan some old photos of the cars i have owned. man, they are bad. but they have some good memories. this first photo, found on the web, could actually be my '77 granada. although it looks white in the photo, it's actually baby blue. wow, that was a bad one. but, it taught me a lot about maintaining cars. and oil consumption.

this next photo could be my '76 granada. why, oh why, would i get another granada after the first atrocity? they were easy to maintain and cheap, and they were fords that i knew like the back of my hand. this one has some modern wheels on it, mine had some factory crager looking things. it wasn't the lemon that the '77 was. it would burn off the right rear wheel until i let off the gas. i got 4 speeding tickets in two weeks because the speedometer had been disconnected and hastily reconnected before i bought it. lesson learned. even though the little old lady that owned it committed odometer fraud, it was in exceptional condition.

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