Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tuesday night bar-b-que

this is what i saw when i drove up to the races tonight...

i drove to carondelet tonight. it was the first time in years that i needed my car to get there. i had to pick up some product from a fellow rider and it just didn't make sense to ride home with wheels on my back.

i had my reservations about racing tonight. sunday was a long hot slog in the woods, and my monday morning ride was torturous. i didn't feel any better today, but i thought, maybe, just maybe, that i would snap out of it.

i must admit that i did snap out of it. i wasn't 'on fire' with anything except the 110 heat index, but i wasn't riding badly. none other than scott moninger was still in town from the big winghaven weekend, so all eyes were on him. he'd move to the front, the fast guys would move with him. i found myself on his wheel only a couple of laps in, but it didn't go anywhere. about 20 minutes in, it happened again. justin, austin, and logan jumped on the moninger train, and i went along. quickly, we gained time on the field. that lasted for 4 or 5 painful laps. sadly and inevitably, i popped and let the legend and the local fast guys do what they do. i rode the rest of the race in a bit of bother, overheated and sweating buckets. an anonymous finish is about right for my form tonight. still, better than i imagined when i woke up today.

i'm hoping for a bit of respite from the heat for sunday's race at webster.

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