Friday, June 05, 2009

home happenings

random frog photo from camp mo-val

eli has been singing camp songs since we got home from camp last weekend. there's the 'herman the worm' song, the 'moose drinking juice' song, and every now and again he'll belt out pink's 'rock moves' to throw us off.

my gutters are clean once again! somehow i conned my brother in law into getting atop my roof and eradicating the 6 months worth of pine needles and leaves. i've said it before, i live in a jungle here. if it's not possums and raccoons, it's pine needles and leaves. now my house is free to shed water onto other people's property (isn't that OPP?)

i raced the tuesday night crit in absolutely lovely weather. i had to break some laws to get there, as i was performing a complete bike rebuild for a friend and cut it close. not to worry, registration was late so we got some extra warm up. my race was so mediocre that this sentence is all the recognition it deserves.

my plans to race at rhett's run are still on track. although 'race' might be an extreme term for me, i have the day blocked off to actually be there, a ride to actually get there, and a bike that doesn't creak too badly to actually start there. i'm getting a ride down there in the dodge dakota limo with twist himself. my usual out of town travel partner is experiencing some technical difficulties with some faulty body parts.

i'm finally getting some tires for the freestyle this coming week. man, i was talking about getting those in december! now they are officially drag slicks. i can do a hoosier burn out with them (yes, i can!) at will with the traction control off. hmmm, not very effective drag slicks then, huh? ok, slick slicks then.

tip your waitresses. i'm here all year.

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