Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

it's memorial day again and we were given a brief couple hours of sunlight during the rainy day to visit dad. and even though i rode my bike through jefferson barracks cemetery several times this year and had no trouble finding my dad's grave site, i can never find it in the car. eventually, mrs k stopped at a "you are here" sign in the labyrinthine maze and got us straightened out.
eli has been sick and crabby, but he was determined. he managed only a meek smile and tyson always has the sun in his eyes, but they posed nicely. i wish hanna was here with us, maybe she and i will come down on wednesday.
eli had a great idea of bringing his bubble grass mower to mow the grass around grandpa george's site. it's funny how he thought this might be important. even without eli's help, i'm very grateful that the va keeps jb in such great shape.
he was having a great time. whereas some might find this a bit sacrilegious, i thought it was his little way of managing something he couldn't understand. at one point he seemed to grasp that i had a daddy at one time, too. we let him run around until he was really tired.

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Thank you Mr. K.