Sunday, May 03, 2009

sylvan springs crit

these early morning women's races are killing me. but, we loaded up and went to watch anyway. as the women and juniors lined up, the beautiful mrs k had a crick in her neck.
and they're off! neck back in shape, the mesa women went to work.

within a couple of laps, young Mara had the race in the bag. that left a chaser in the middle and this group of three fighting for third.

again, deanna hung on, probably with a heart rate of 299 or so, and got forth. it's amazing that she can even finish a race, given that the only riding she has done in april, and thus far may, has been at races. oh, i take that back. she did the mesa/specialized ride yesterday.
oh, i raced, too. but there will be no photos. the camera was left in the car for my race. which is actually good. i'm not on my game the last few days. i'm feeling a bit off. to add insult to injury, the rain, which had held off all weekend, came 15 minutes into our race. that, of course, caused me to ride like a buffoon and i came across the finish line about 100 yards off the group, after struggling lap after lap to pull them back from the bottom 120 degree corner. ah, well. there's always next week.

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Schvonzie said...

Looks like she is finally taking my training advice.