Saturday, May 02, 2009

my saturday

all morning i was catching hanna with her nose in her book. she's got a big thing for mystery reading now. i'm so proud that she loves to read.
and later, hanna was loading new items on to the pedalbrakepedal website. she's getting really good at it and can really help us out.

i brought my camera on my short ride this morning, too. it's amazing how rural near st.louis county can be. this is rott road in sunset hills. the beautiful green grass is signaling spring for sure, even if the temps weren't today.

this little cemetery on eddie and park has always amazed me. right in the middle of a suburban subdivision. 1838, i think it says. it's about the size of a small back yard.

still on eddie and park, somebody went a little overboard with the wood working tools that they got for christmas. those benches seem to be tree trunks cut in half and put together like, well, benches. the topper is the garage-turned-family room facade that has been given the full wood treatment as well.

goats at grant's farm. i would've gotten a better shot but they were running from me. i don't blame them.

and i caught the beginnings of an excavation in my own front yard. this work site is still new, but i'm keeping a close eye on it.

after a great meal at the old spaghetti factory, hanna and i watched a movie, went to dairy queen, and now we're ready for bed. my shadow is right here beside me, being my shadow and all.

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Brian said...

Cool shots. It's way too much trouble (to be honest) but I always love it when a cyclist takes pix during his or her ride. It's proof that we're not wasting our time.

By the way...I will personally kick the butt of any dude who ever thinks about dating your daughter. I've got you're back, cuzzo.