Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lazy crazy dogs

i don't think i ever fully realized how much rocky and rosco sleep during the day when we're gone. i mean, geez. i'd like to sleep a little.

really, rocky sleeps about 22 hours a day. he NEVER moves from the time the kids are off to school until deanna gets home at night. he barks 10-15 times a day at some passersby or just a noise, but quickly puts his schnoz back under a blanket or pillow or anything soft and goes back to sleep. for sure, he doesn't change positions at all for my entire work day. i move about the house, in and out, up and down stairs, in and out of rooms constantly, and many times i don't realize that i have passed over him. he is one lazy dude. but beware if anyone comes to the door. you'd think a different dog invaded the fat guys body. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

rosco sleeps, yes, but he follows me around like my shadow. when i'm at the computer, i have a big towel balled up behind my chair and he sleeps (and snores) there. but he's awake, fast as lightning, if i go upstairs for any reason. he follows my every move. i go to the kitchen, he goes to the kitchen. i go outside, he waits by the door. he's my constant companion, and when i sit down anywhere, that's where he sleeps.

right now, i'm on deanna's computer and under the desk is an 80 pound dalmation balled up like a big white comforter, and right next to me on my own bed is rosco...snoring.

dogs sure are funny.

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