Wednesday, April 22, 2009

off topic photo exhibit

"dang, she looks cute here"
monday was just too windy and the on and off rain had me in a tail spin. so i did just that...spun my tail on the trainer during my lunch break. i have to force myself to take time to do things like eat and ride these days. it's just too easy to keep working when there is so much to do.
"if a picture of me eating cake shows up on the blog, you're in trouble"
tuesday was a day of incredible intensity. packaging product, post office run with incredibly mean people in line, more packaging, driving to west county, more listing, bread company for a bagel (not intense), more packaging, suit up for crit, get blown over riding to crit, get blown over during crit, have fun at crit (certainly intense), ride home into wind, eat mcdonald's with kids, meet with mad professor about intense new ebay program (as intense as crit), get ice for cooler and milk to go in cooler since fridge is broken, fed dogs rice puffs cereal because dogfood was awol.............
"and a one, and a two, and a cha cha cha"
i thought today might have rivaled tuesday for intensity, but thankfully it did not. i had a nice lull this morning that let me take some solid quality photos for the 'bay and be the first guy in line at the post office. afterward it was some phone time with prospective customers and a nice coke from the cooler. i did manage to drink water today.
"i hope i don't always look this confused"
i rushed out to castlewood to ride my mountain bike because the weather was just too nice to miss out. i knew that i would only be able to ride for an hour, but i was down with that. it was a heavenly hour, as the weather and the trail were dynomite. i got stung by a bee on my fatty love handle. that was nice.
"if you rush around too much in your day, you might end up like this permanently"
i managed a lot of quality computer time after my ride and took the boys for pizza, since, you know, the fridge is broken. it's tough in this town to get people who deliver fridges, to, well, you know, DELIVER ONE. eli and i watched some thomas videos and he went to sleep pretty easily. now i'm procrastinating by writing this. i need to get my bee-stung love handled butt up to seben eleben to get ice for the cooler and another jug of milk. i'll be lucky if i don't come home with snacks.


dmcd said...

You know you can't leave a store with out snacks, it's all about the choclate snacks for TK.

Dan Schmatz said...

damn it tk, don't eat that shit food!