Wednesday, April 08, 2009

tuesday night crits

against my better judgement, i went to do the tuesday night criterium. (as i typed this, i typed wednesday, because that's when God intended them to be) i say against my better judgement because it was again cold, and of course it was windy.

from whence has this wind come? and when will it leave??

schvonzie emailed me about racing and then i had to commit or not, and i committed. he came by and we rode over there. i overdressed this time (really, every time i overdress) and i wasn't cold but i was unhappy with the wind.

upon arriving, it was looking like no one would come to race. it was like a ghost town. slowly but surely, though, lots showed up. and it was some pretty good racing. lots of attacks, even though they were shut down pretty quickly by the wind. finally, a couple guys got off and we never caught them.

wonder upon wonders, with only a few minutes to go, i found myself off the front of the group with some guys. i looked back and the pack was not interested, so we hit it. closing in on the finish line, my energy and talent ran out and i did not win the field sprint, so i ended the day 4th. which is, well, twenty places or so better than i have managed in a while.

and i wasn't cold. imagine that. schvonzie came back to the house and ate spaghetti with us and that's all i have to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

Wind, bah. I, too, wish it would go away. A nice gentle breeze, sure...but this gusty, bike-shoving stuff? I can do without. Congratulations on the excellent result!