Sunday, April 19, 2009

weekend getaway

despite the weekend weather forecast, we loaded up the entire crew and headed to hermann missouri for some bike racing. initial plans called for the kids to do the kids races, but the scheduling had gone awry and they canceled those races. they didn't cancel the women's open race, though, and deanna had a good event. after her first warm up lap in the rain, she wasn't very optimistic but did another and decided that she had come this far and was racing. 6 grueling laps later, she was glad she did. way to go, honey!
tyson found another climbing tree and did some spectating from there.
while i was warming up for my race later in the afternoon, the family went on a wine tour. hanna was going on and on about grapes and wine and barrels and moldy cellars.
don't think we let the kids indulge in too much wine! here, flannery joins hanna and tyson for some great grape juice. fermentation not included. flannery is always so nice to hang with our rowdy kids. they really like her and hopefully haven't scared her away.
one can never tell what this one is drinking. he probably charmed the bar maid into pouring him some 100 year old scotch.
and that, folks, is the bitter end.

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Eric Jolliff said...

I hope you don't mind but I linked my blog (Apfelbaum Cottage Blog) to this, because it is a great commentary on Hermann and the tour.