Thursday, April 16, 2009

mountain biking

even though i was swamped today with work, i made time to go mtn biking. i hooked up with the twister himself and the kaiser for some trail thrashing at castlewood. the trails were in great shape, despite the recent rain fall. castlewood is amazing in how it repels water. the sun made an appearance, too, warming the place to acceptable levels.

the kaiser has had some neck issues lately and threw in the towel early. i feel for the guy. it sounds a lot like my neck problem, and luckily i'm working through mine pretty well. twist and i continued and had a great ride. his trail skills have improved 100 times over that of just a few years ago.
because i haven't posted any photos lately, i found these great shots of highly talented mountain bikers to add to the enjoyment of this post.
did they work?


Dan Schmatz said...

Is that firt picture the one from weiss at the cliff cave tt years ago?

Dan Schmatz said...

WHOAA... I didn't notice before but that second picture is Sam Moore!