Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter weekend

it was a long and eventful easter weekend here at the kakouris household. it started early on saturday with an egg hunt at st. francis park. eli was happy as a clam to be knee deep in kids and eggs.
it was almost as if tyson and gus were running in a 50 yard dash race. i mean, what's in those little plastic eggs, anyway? a nickle's worth of m&m's?? well, whatever the monetary value, it didn't matter because it was all hands on deck to get those eggs!

eli paused in his busy morning schedule to sit on dad's lap. it was only 11am and i was bushed. this was the first of 4 egg hunts for the weekend.

the next easter egg hunt was at the gracious adrienne murphy's house. she collected family and neighbors for a record 200 eggs extravaganza. and there was more than chocolate in some of those eggs, let me tell you. we had a great time there and eli was in heaven playing with all of the older kids!

at church today there was, you guessed it, another easter egg hunt. by this time, eli thought it was....old hat.

eli looks sad that this one is over, or maybe he just gulped down a bad peep. tyson is doing his best to get over his wallace and grommit smile, but it shows through a little bit here. spot on, old boy.

eli always gets along with the easter bunny.

for the last of the weekends festivities, we joined the whole family past grey summit in the deep woods for the 4th easter egg hunt and dinner. this was one of the many amazing views from the property. that's the meramec river down there, with tyson and kevin hamming for our cameras.

there was a sand box in the back yard which was immediately taken over (under the immanent domain clause) for excavation. grandma thoughtfully brought along a battalion of machines to help eli with the dig. grandpa asked eli if he was digging for oil, and eli immediately said "no, i'm searching for treasure!"

i thought it might be funny to photograph eli chasing a rooster. it was all fun and good until the rooster turned around and flew towards eli's head. yep....there are certain things you only do once.

the beautiful mrs k took a spin on the gravel roads around the compound with the boys. it was a bit chilly and threatened rain, so they didn't stay out long. fetching, isn't she??

the boys gathered 'round the straw bear. from 50 feet, one might mistake this for a real bear.
so there you have it. lot's of egg hunts, lots of food, lots of candy, and a lot of running around. ah, easter sunday. and it was cold and dreary, just like easter sunday always ends up.

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