Sunday, April 26, 2009

the beautiful mrs k's tour of st. louis

deanna didn't get to race the delmarvelous criterium on saturday morning due to work obligations. but, after my crit, we loaded up and made the hike up to the north east and found a wonderful place for a time trial. never mind the wind, there was a great section of smooth pavement waiting for the riders.i caught her here on the line. she's pretty intense, huh? no aero whatsoever, save the stock bontrager carbon wheels. just no time for that stuff, ya know??
bam, she's off! she was pounding those pedals straight away. i was hoping she didn't get knocked over by the wind.

26:05 later, she came flying into the finish area. she was 6th in the 4's. i was pleased, and she had an average of 189 bpm on her heart rate monitor. i guess she gave it all she had, huh??

then she lined up this morning, at the crack of dawn, with the other girls for the carondolet circuit race. strong group of women.

it was a hard race. a great push up the climb to the finish every lap had her hurting. ultimately, she was on the rivet so she gave a great pull for her team mate who won the field sprint. i have a feeling if she rode more (her riding consists of doing races) she might be pretty good at this.

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