Monday, April 06, 2009

race at tilles

today was to be the beautiful mrs k's first criterium. tilles was a good choice because the turns are mild and the course is a great beginners course, and fast enough to be fun. here, i caught her in the gathering before the official line up. she was nervous, and so was i.
the line up. here, she's next to our good friend cristal. mrs kloha is also there, along with a ton of friends. bike racing in st. louis is a great social event on top of being a competitive one. the race was going great, with deanna, cristal, and stephanie fighting it out for a prime which cristal took literally by a nose. soon after, mrs k pulled a hamstring and had to drop out. she was not happy. that's what happens to us weekend warriors, i said. she'll be back, because she was so excited by the speed and tactics.

speaking of weekend warriors, here is a great shot that paul pate took and put up on his flicker site. (yes, i asked permission!) our race was full of out-of-towners looking for those early season races. the whole topeka crowd was there, along with tons of people from illinois. i didn't feel great, but it was hard NOT to go fast in this field. there were a couple of nasty crashes in an otherwise perfect race. the wind was a killer, AGAIN. wind, wind, go away....

the kids were there to watch us. tyson found a great climbing tree to play in.

hanna needed to get glasses this last week. they are so cute on her, she looks so studious! she was one of the loudest voices i could hear while i was racing.

deanna caught a couple of photos of hanna in the tree, too. she is such a doll.
all in all, it was a good day. it was supposed to rain, and it did a little in the morning, but the real stuff held off until evening. what a weekend.


Casey Ryback said...

i see you were racing your old Schwinn - too cool.

TK said...

i LOVE that bike. maybe i'll have somebody build me an exact copy out of some cool metal. chris fellet, maybe??