Tuesday, April 14, 2009

have to weather the weather

it seems that we have taken a step back from the great spring weather we were having.

yesterday, i threw in the towel and spent some time on the trainer between the post office and listing items. it really wasn't so bad since i hadn't been on there in a while. i'm not saying i want to get on there more....

today, i just plain couldn't do it. i was half-heartedly planning on doing the crit tonight. but man, the temps were only in the 40's and it was dreary! how can i do that? well, i didn't. i met my man karl at carondolet (i drove there...) for a parts pick up and talked with him for a while. i said hey to jay and cory, told some stories and left.

i don't even feel bad about it.

1 comment:

Black Matt said...

Right there with you, this is a motivation sucker! It almost feels like CX should be starting, now that would motivate me!