Friday, April 03, 2009

mountain man

since i have been, um, setting my own hours, i have been a little off in my daily schedule.

off. yeah.

so i've been getting into the shower at midnight. i get up in the morning, help get the kids off, and then start work. since dealing with the internet and the public really doesn't have much of a time frame, i lose track of time. i eat whenever. i ride, if i ride, whenever. my focus has been on getting the job done.

sometimes, before i know it, it's midnight. i think about where the time has gone, and i could list a hundred places, but all i know is....i have to get the job done. last night, the mad professor came over to the house to share his vast knowledge of things virtual. we sort of ate pizza on the run, talked business, and before i knew it i was listing things on the 'bay and it was midnight again.

very strange to look at myself in the mirror after a week and see that i haven't shaved. ug. i looked like a mountain man.

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Dan Schmatz said...

balance... Don't let it get too far out of whack or you will blow to bits.