Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tuesday night crits and wind, revisited

waking up this morning at 4am when rocky exploded in our bedroom was not a good beginning. i never really got back to sleep, and the day starts, ready or not. and it was raining and dreary, too. never mind, i had so much indoor stuff to do today i let it roll off my back. when it cleared, i decided it was a good idea to do the crits. i took to the streets for a ride before the race. i usually try to get in a good hour...it prepares me for the onslaught to come. well, tonight the onslaught was double sided; the wind was atrocious. it was bad just getting to carondolet park. once the race started, it became the the real enemy. i turned myself inside out tonight. i just couldn't get a wheel, i couldn't get myself out of the wind. i always found myself bridging a gap, and i'm sure i caused a few for riders behind me, as well. this photo was taken before the carnage ensued by the beautiful mrs k. i left my seat bag on.
while i was getting battered about the head, neck, chest, shoulders, and torso by the wind, the kids were having a merry old time. eli brought along his bike and insisted that he be able to start the race with us because he had big wheels. we declined, but he did have fun riding in the grass and on the little gravel trail. there were lots of kids there tonight to play with, which was great.

in the end, there is nothing more fun than playing in the dirt. isabelle and eli can really create their own good time. cristal gave me a chocolate oreo when i was done with the race, which was a good time, as well.

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