Monday, March 23, 2009

i'm a man about town

man, that must have been some GOOD chocolate pudding....

i was all over this town today. i was here, i was there, i was everywhere. i went to the post office twice today. i was in the city, west county, south county. whoa.

and through it all, i managed a recovery ride at castlewood. i can't say it was that fun, though. at first, i just hung around the love and roller coaster, just taking it easy. then i had the bright idea to try out the blue ribbon. big mistake. i can describe it in two words: drainage ditch. the whole thing is the remnants of running water and horse hoofs. throw in rocks, dead fall, big honkin' roots, and you have the blue ribbon. i walked a lot to get over the fallen trees. and i found a tick on my leg. a tick in march. jeez, man, what is going on out there?? i'm going to have lyme disease before easter.

i saw big john merli out there and he had the same nice things to say about the blue ribbon. ah, well, i still found it hard to really complain about a day like today in march.

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