Sunday, March 01, 2009

chubb trail revisited

after hiking with the family on saturday, i couldn't resist a cold sunny morning to revisit the chubb on sunday morning. of course, i got a late start.

the trail was still firm and fast when i arrived. i got carried away and soon found myself gasping for air. chubb always does that to me. it seems to encourage me to go overboard. "see these rocks kid? betcha can't climb them FAST. see this downhill? i dare you not to use your brakes!" but it was worth it. i was loving the sun until it began to thaw the soil. the blackening dirt is the signal to high tail it out of there. chubb is no place to be when it thaws.

i only saw one other cyclist out there, none other than rich pierce. we were always going in opposite directions in tricky areas so all we did was shout greetings and continue on our own paths of chubb destruction. a few hikers, but other than that it was almost as lonely as our saturday hike.

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