Monday, March 16, 2009

people of influence

if you look back at different segments of your life, you're sure to come up with different people who have really impacted you. just look back at your teenage years, your college years, your first real job, etc. all of those time frames will have someone who, although you didn't know it at the time, shaped you.

some of mine are people i didn't even like at the time. my working life is full of people that i didn't really like at first. slowly but surely, over the years, i have grown to realize how much i learned from them. does that mean i like them now? yes, it does. you tend to like those you admire, and of course you try to be a bit more like them.

but mostly, i think we really like the people of influence in our lives. for me, right now, there are a few incredible people who make me want to be better. who would i be without them? where would i be without them? things would be different, and they wouldn't be as good.

thank you, i hope you know who you are.

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