Sunday, March 15, 2009

mountain bike riding and more

saturday, after running around quite a bit, i met the kaiser at lost valley late in the afternoon. a very positive side effect of daylight savings time is the late afternoon mountain bike ride. the trail was in excellent shape, with very few soft spots. it was a great day for a race!

i only had time to do a lap with marty and then i had to bug out. (but not after he had his first near-miss of the year, which i didn't witness.) he soldiered on and i drove home, quickly, so as to be ready for the church trivia night. we've been going to the trivia night for a few years now, and i don't think our table has ever done well. but last night was different, and we finished 4th out of 19 tables. we should have done well, considering we had two doctors and two engineers at our table. and i think a school teacher, too! now WHY didn't we win??

no crits for the beautiful mrs k and i this morning. you know why? because. it just wasn't in the cards. we've had a ton of 20 hour days lately and that's enough to spoil the racing spirit. however, it didn't stop me from hitting lost valley again today for some hot laps. i wanted to do three laps fast, and that mostly happened with the exception of talking to friends on the trail. i crossed paths with mr. ott, fresh off of his 7 hour riding day yesterday. then i saw the twister himself, looking so-pro in his mesa kit. then, after seeing hikers and walkers and an older couple doing the trail on 700c hybrids (!!!), i closed in on a rider that looked a lot like the mad professor, ethan. and it was. i finished my three hot laps in a respectable 1:35 including all the jawing and hooked back up with ethan for the ride to the car.

true to his nickname, which i'm not so sure he remembers, he's always full of knowledge and i'm grateful that he dispenses it so willingly. he no longer has the mad professor hair, which was the original impetus for the name, but he's still got the big brain, so it sticks.

i need a job so i can stop working so much.

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