Saturday, March 28, 2009

st. louis science center

what to do on a rainy saturday? the science center came to mind. i think it came to a lot of people's minds, too. it was crowded. but the only thing in the room when we got there was the t-rex. eli was quite frightened of the automated beast. he made me hold him and we could only inch forward as he became more sure that it was "pretty-tend" as he says.
this thing was was a monstrosity, for sure. i could see being afraid of it as a three year old. maybe as a thirty year old.
tyson has geologist written all over him. we had to pry him from the amateur fossil hunting job.
me and the boys, along with help from some other patrons, built the arch. the little kids just want to knock it down. and they did.
he kind of sulks around like a teenager, but he was fascinated by a lot of the things there...including the pizza place, which we declined to indulge in.
eli is a curious kid. nothing escapes this one. i believe we could have stayed until the guards kicked us out, but hunger pangs got the better of us. what a cool place. i think i want to go back without the kids so i can check out all the cool stuff, uninterrupted.

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