Monday, March 23, 2009

my new business

i've hinted around at this for a few days now, but i'm ready to let you all in on what i plan on doing with my life. my work life, that is.

i want to sell your stuff.

i've been dabbling with ebay and other online selling venues for a while now. and, our recent job...ahem...change has brought about a big change in the way that i'm doing things. so, i'm beginning to run my own online resale business called pedal brake pedal, just like this blog name.

my focus will be products from people just like you and me who need to get rid of merchandise before they buy anything new. or, people who just need to clean out the garage. along with personal stuff, a big part will be working with bicycle stores to clear out their excess stuff and offering to make trade-ins possible by selling a customer's bike so they can buy a new one. and lastly, i will be working with manufacturers and distributors to help them clear out dated merchandise like clothing.

a big part of my business is making sure it doesn't interfere with the normal retail channel. i worked bicycle retail for 25 years and i know what it's like to have mail order or internet competition. quite the contrary, i want to work with the retailers to get rid of stuff they don't have the time or patience to get rid of themselves. i will not have any retail store or business whatsoever. everything i do will be online and it will all be serving the people around me so that they can get cool new stuff with the money i can make selling their old stuff. any new merchandise i will sell will be dated so as not to interfere with current stuff in retailers stores.

sounds neat, doesn't it? i hope you think so, because i've been working at it from first light until midnight most days.

today, it is working through my normal ebay username, tskakouris. in a couple of weeks, that username will change to pedalbrakepedal, and my e-store will be i still intend to keep the blog personal, and there will only be links on the side to access the business to keep this from becoming a spam fest.

i wanted to get this out there since so many people continue to ask what i'm doing. thanks and wish me luck!


Peter Boumgarden said...

Sounds like a great gig... I'm excited to see what comes of it!

bikrder89 said...

What's up T.K.? I might want to have you list some stuff. Email me at when you get a chance.