Friday, March 13, 2009

coraline with hanna

after starting the day with deck screws and sawdust at the show me cables world headquarters, things just got even more busy. i dashed home (after eating a gyro from the pita company...i know, i know, i'm SO greek...) to shave my 5 day old beard. not really dashed, because it seems that this friday the 13th was bad for traffic. i sat on 270 for some accident in the OTHER lane.

after kissing the beautiful mrs k goodbye in a flurry of activity, i then sat on hwy 55 for construction. late, i finally reach the junior rock star and pick her up from school. we goofed off for a while, i played guitar hero on her wii, walked her dog oliver, ate at a tasty greasy spoon, stopped by to look at baby chicks at a pet store, and went to see the movie 'coraline'.

although it was an animated movie (in the vein of the nightmare before christmas), it was quite graphic and pretty scary at times. i had heard that it has been shown in 3d, which would have made it more so. that said, we loved it. it was quite entertaining.

i was quite sad to drop of the little princess. it's so nice to spend some quality daddy time with her.

but, as i write this, i also can't believe that it's nearly midnight. the screws and sawdust, i think, were the easiest part of this day.

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