Sunday, March 08, 2009

our weekend

hmmm. i wonder who had the camera this morning?

even though things are really different around here, the weekend was no less chaotic than normal. we had a lot of projects to do around the house (i.e., cleaning) and began to run into the deadline for finding a babysitter for eli. it's always hard for us to plan things on the weekends, and it's always complicated by the babysitter factor.

some of our dearest friends had invited us out to dinner last night, and we finally had to drop the little guy off with grandma, who herself was attending a function. if it wasn't for friends and family, i don't know what we would do.

after not much alcohol and a great time, we didn't get into bed until 1am. couple that to daylight savings time, and you have the recipe for this morning's mad dash to church. i was very glad to have gone today, as whenever my life seems to take a turn, there is a sermon awaiting that has full relevance to the situation.

crispy kreme's were our reward for being tired and crabby. then the beautiful mrs k spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and i spent the rest of the day working on bike projects for friends. i did get out on the homegrown for 45 minutes or so. lucky for me the wind died down quite a bit by dusk.

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