Thursday, March 19, 2009

work work work

wednesday was not a day for jack (me) to play. it was all work and no play. but i don't think i'm dull...yet.

the beautiful mrs k and i made a business trip to the loop, and then the gorgeous day deteriorated into a cloudy mess. ah well, perfect weather to spend time working.

eli took a dive from the car yesterday and landed on his face, which wasn't pretty. he was ultra crabby for a little while, then went to sleep about 7pm. he woke up a few hours later and wanted to watch thomas videos, naturally, and had no problem with his bashed face whatsoever. he's a tough guy, i tell you.

today i managed to squeeze in a ride between woodworking, post office, computer, and a rally burger. and what do you think i was humming along in my head? that's right...the tune to thomas and friends.

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Prozenberger said...

Oh man, I can't count the times that I have had Thomas songs running through my head during a ride. Especially "Lets Have a Race". Drives me crazy, but they are so catchy!!