Friday, March 20, 2009

always a party around here

as you can see, i got really dressed up and got my hair did for the evening. after a great meal at bandanna's, i didn't think i'd have to look good. my home made cards are better than anything store bought. eli can't really wait to blow the candles out. tyson is thinking about the brownie cake. hanna just LOVES a good party, even if it is just the five of us.
we got a box in the mail from my sweet sister. she is always sending the kids stuff. anytime a box shows up from her, it's like christmas. this time, the box was for me, but we knew there would be stuff for the young'uns in there regardless. what's in the box? what's in the box??

ok, so eli wasn't really in the box as it made it's trip from arkansas. but, there was a great card and cool stuff for all of us. i'll get a photo of my main gift tomorrow in the sun so you can see it in action.
every birthday that goes by, i'm reminded of how much i am cared for. it's a mystery to me...but someday i hope to truly deserve all that i have.

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