Monday, March 09, 2009

more mountain biking

after the showers yesterday, i thought for sure that the trails would be unusable for a while. however, as john 'let's ride' lynch and i found out, lost valley was primo.

more than a year ago, i built up this cool carbon orbea mtn bike for john. today was it's maiden voyage. it's sad, i know, but at least we finally give it a workout. i took it easy on him since he was busy playing mary lou retton before hand.

the gorc people must have pulled some all-nighters out at lv, because the trail conditions have never been better. much of the loose garbage that makes some of the technical sections unpleasant is simply gone. and the rain? maybe it rained out at lost valley, maybe it didn't. there was so little water that one could guess that it was merely the freeze/thaw cycle.

it did rain tonight, however, and i doubt that lv avoided it. i'm betting, though, that the place will be in good condition in just a few days if there is no more rain.


Lynchmob said...

Yes, I get schooled on yesterday's ride and my traps are sore from leaning over the bike too much. Please add cool riser bars to the list of things I need to pay Tim to do because I am mechanically illiterate. .... Note to self - ride at least a few times a year and get new mtn. bike dialed in before trying to ride Tim's wheel for more than 2 minutes.

TK said...

guys like this are good for the ego....

it's only a matter of time before you are riding mtn bikes more than me, too.

TK said...

oh yeah, the wife asked if you crashed because she always does. i told her no.