Thursday, March 26, 2009

afternoon bike rides

the beautiful mrs k and i joined a few of our friends for a great afternoon ride in wildwood today. we were late (naturally) because we planned on attending at the last minute (of course).

geoff "i like to grill" wolf taunted us the whole ride with thoughts of lunch. it was tough climbing reiger road while thinking of a bread company sandwich, but somehow we did it.

i kept the girls pushing the pedals even when they didn't want to. riding through rockwoods was fun, as i was trying to pull them along. when they couldn't go anymore, i told them to grab my arms. i'm telling you, i had a great workout.

yesterday, i hit out on my own to do some climbing. my time was severely limited, so i just repeated marshall road 5 times. did you know that it is exactly .62 miles from the street sign at the apartments to the no parking sign at the bridge?? it's true.

probably no bike riding tomorrow for me. i have a full, full day.


Anonymous said...

Why does everyone consider the bridge to be the end of the climb - the slope eases there but still continues up all the way to Big Bend. Just something I never understood.

I remember the first time I "raced" some guys up the climb, and the first guy to reach the bridge sat up like he'd won. I just figured he was toast and kept drilling it to Big Bend.


TK said...

i don't know. i guess by the time i reach the bridge i'm sick of traffic roaring by and i want to duck into the sidestreet? myabe i'm tired?? isn't .62 miles enough???