Saturday, March 07, 2009

riding synopsis

thursday i got together with john 'let's ride' lynch and aron rauls. we did some familiar wildwood/west county roads, but somehow we put together every hill in the region. we even did the scenic loop at greensfelder as a 'bonus'. it was incredible to be able to ride with other people! it's so rare for me. we did 50 miles and i was tired. at least john made me a killer smoothie when we finished to ease the pain.

friady i hooked up with the masher and mr. ott to do 100 miles. well, that's what we said we were going to do, but it just didn't work out. i had time commitments and just couldn't swing it. as it was, we did 65 miles on the monster hills of jefferson county. i have never seen some of this stuff. it was a masher special, too, as he just found them on google earth and figured they'd be fun roads. fun? debatable, but the hills were legendary. i'm sure guys like klages and the sprogoe brothers know these things like the backs of their wrinkled, tan hands. miller road? wtf?? tower road? wtf x 2??? awesome, awesome stuff. all said and done, it was 65 miles, about 4 hours of ride time, and just under 5000 feet of climbing.

i need to ride with folks like this more often. unemployed or not!

today i just had to hit the trails. of course, it was a last minute decision to do so after the beautiful mrs k did her saturday morning ride. i decided on chubb because, well, because. i thought there might be some soft ground, but i was wrong. it was dry and grippy, despite being very gravelly. there were quite a few hikers and a few bikers, but chubb is never anything like castlewood.

good times!

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Jim said...

Miller Rd and Tower Rd? Those will dish out a little pain. Throw in Wedde Rd and then you have a ride.