Monday, March 30, 2009

wind, riding, other

yesterday, i got a chance to get on the bike for a while in the afternoon. it had warmed up and the snow was no where to be seen. but it was windy! yikes. and it was inescapable. it was coming from every direction, i think. i took my 25 miles and called it a day.

today, i dragged john out with me for a ride through sunny wildwood. i think the wind was even worse today. several time it threatened to take my front wheel out. if it weren't so nice otherwise, i would have never ridden. again, it was only a short ride, 30 miles maybe, but it was good for my moral.

i visited my good friend paul today. it's always nice to see him, and today i visited his mountain top hideaway. a very nice visit that was good for the soul, and proof that a guy can make it no matter what he's up against.

tomorrow there is supposed to be rain. that's probably good, because i really have a ton of stuff to do here at the house. if the weatherman is correct, the crits may be dry and i may participate.

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