Tuesday, December 25, 2007

yoda: a rich nation are we

first off, i didn't buy all this stuff. i always say one big present, a couple of smaller things to wrap up and call it a day. but, we have a big family that didn't listen very well when i said "light on the christmas gifts, give money to the kids 529's!"

second, if you internet stalkers think all of this stuff is just laying around my house for you to come steal it, don't bother...by now it's all trashed by eli oli, and our dalmatian would have you for a midnight snack anyway since santa ate his cookies and we haven't had dog food in the house for two days.

back to the matter at hand.

eli oli: train books, train stuff, train books, stuffed animals, clothes, jammies, more train stuff, lightning mcqueen stuff, webkins, train stuff again. no donations to his 529.

tyson: electric guitar, guitar stand, clothes, laptop computer (pre-owned), webkins, snow boots, keepsake ornaments, books, an amp to share with hanna, etc, etc, etc. no donation to his 529.

hanna: electric guitar, a wii, a microphone to sing along on the amp, a restrung older acoustic guitar, clothes, hanna montana jammies, keepsake ornaments, her room painted like neopolitan ice cream and bedding to match, new curtains, a webkins, etc, etc, etc. no donation to her 529.

the beautiful mrs k: a laptop, a timex, a george forman grill for chicken, one of those digital picture frame things, etc, etc, etc. she did not donate to the 529's, see my gifts for explanation.

me: first class tickets to arizona to ride with my friend schvonzie, clothes, underwear (not thong), shoes, a zipp gear bag, a mustang belt buckle (i may have to give that away to someone who actually HAS a mustang), a 36-pack of dr. pepper, and all of the mushy, gushy love and adoration of my sweet little family.

...and now I HAVE TO DONATE TO ALL THE 529'S!!!!

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Daniel B. said...

Wow, nice haul for all involved! Me? I got a lump of coal, which is apropos to my situation, honestly.

Punch Alfermann in the face when you ride up Mt. Lemmon, for me. Okay, thanks.