Friday, December 21, 2007

i'm batman

after another pre-christmas hectic day at work, i had to get some relief. i needed release!

it was 50+ degrees, after all. it may still be the same kill-me-now dreary weather we always have here in the winter, but dammit it's warm.

after the beautiful mrs k brought the boys out to the shop, necessitating a 'chase eli' session or three, a punctuation was put on the 'must ride' idea. i began to get that itchy feeling that i get when i know i'm going to have to do something extraordinary to ride the bike outside. like ride it at night.

i got home, soaked in sweat from the abysmal traffic, and headed to the bat cave to fetch my super suit. (in this case, shorts, lightweight tights, a light layer, and a wind jacket) i attached the bat lights to the bat mobile (red homegrown) and set out to save gotham city. or south city.

it felt great to be outside riding, the first time in 3 weeks. i pushed too hard, but i was perfectly ok with it. i used a route i commonly use at night, a combination of the river desperes path and some roads around wilmore park. i got a good 20 miles out of it. it's a cool feeling to ride your bike at feel like a super hero with an important mission while everyone around you is going about their mundane daily lives.

sometimes batman's gotta do what batman's gotta do.

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Brian said...

I love to ride Jefferson Barracks, Tower Grove, and Carondolet parks at night. Broadway is a decent road to take you north and south, up to about Soulard. It's legal to ride at J.B. all night if you should ever feel the need. It's safer to ride these places than in the street during the day but obviously not safer than bike paths.