Thursday, December 06, 2007

training withdrawals

i had a blistering ride on the trainer this morning. tdf video, powertap, sweat towel, fan, two water bottles, the whole nine yards.

i was still bored. it just wasn't much fun. sure, i got to push the heart rate up with a trio of threshold intervals, but it just isn't the same. maybe i'm kinda bummed about my numbers. they weren't bad, really. just ho-hum. i guess i'm always expecting something special when i push it. i don't know why i would expect special when i haven't been outdoors in a week.

i'm seriously deep in 'training withdrawal' mode. you know, that place where arrive when you're solidly involved in a training program, and each day in each week is a building block for the next day and the next week. all is going well, very few setbacks, racing results show the work you're doing, the performance curve is on a nice, nice upward swing with no downturns whatsoever....snap. the season ends. training is over. 2007 was my 29th year racing, and i can count on one hand the years that i wasn't ready to be done when the racing ended...and 2007 was NOT one of them. i started so late that it seemed to finish just as my groove was rockin'. i didn't want to quit yet. now i'm having withdrawals. no groove. no purpose. no fun. cold weather. trainer. hairy legs.

i don't believe in jinxes. that stuff is for the superstitious. i can say now that if 2008 starts off the way that 2007 finally got underway, it will be my best year ever.

...if i can survive the winter and these training withdrawals.

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