Wednesday, December 05, 2007

epic battles and dominance

after finishing snatch the other night while riding the trainer, i was left without anything truly interesting to watch. we still had a vhs tape at the shop of the 2001 tour, so i nabbed it and popped it in monday night.


i never watched the 99-00-01 tours. i just wasn't into it then. i was treated to some of the best racing that i have seen.

the most obvious draw to that race was armstrong's utter dominance. when his opportunities arose, he smashed his foes with his unrelenting high cadence and poker faced glare. his mountain climbing escapades were amazing. i found myself unconciously picking up my cadence on the trainer every time the camera would show an extended view of lance's pedaling. my heartrate always shot up when he was on camera.

but besides armstrong, there were other killer aspects to the race. laurent jalabert. holy cow, i didn't realize he had continued on so strong, so long. king of the mountains! stage wins! and the battle between o'grady and zabel was epic, indeed! back and forth, the two owned the sprints. and zabel's comeback in the last few stages was just awesome.

needless to say, my trainer rides monday and tuesday night were epic, too.

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