Sunday, December 16, 2007

snow is for sledding...or something

as much as i hate snow, as much as i loathe snow, as much as snow makes me want to jump off a very tall bridge, the kids love snow.

hanna and tyson love the stuff. tyson couldn't even go to sleep last night because he was obsessing about going sledding on sunday. the first thing hanna said this morning was "there's a foot of snow outside! when are we going sledding??" and eli keeps going around saying "it no! it no!"

so i had no choice. i had to take them somewhere where they could sled. or slide down a hill on a round plastic thing, whatever you call that. the beautiful mrs k was going to stay home with crabby eli so i could take the kids over to st. francis park. there were 50-60 kids there with their parents. big kids, little kids, you name it. all sliding down the hills there. there were even some little jumps at the bottom that some industrious little people built so they could get some air. and some of them were getting air, although most were just using the hill as a crashing device.

hanna and tyson did plenty of crashing, hanna having the best off-the-jump crash. tyson crashed nearly every time, either by accident or by design. as i stood there freezing, i noticed how much fun these ice and mud encrusted utes were having. i don't get it. i get the rush of sliding down the hill, i don't get the fun in the cold thing. anyway, they were having a blast and were pretty worn out when i threw in the towel and told them it was time to leave. but not before i overheard some fat kid who was just dissed by his crew say "screw you guys, i'm going home!" one of us had been watching too much south park, i'm not sure which.

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