Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pantera Dujour

today's Pantera is a '71, a mixture of italian exotic and street rod. i still think it's tasteful. the rear wheels may be a little wide, but preferrable to the little skinny wheels and tires that came stock. it looks like they may have widened the stock campagnolo wheels. love the deep burgandy, and the body looks as straight as an arrow. vrrrrooom.


Daniel B. said...

So, is this an American sports car with an Italian heritage? I read this:

Pretty interesting... so Ford bought them out in '69? Anyway, that car SICK. I like how the styling is not so flash-bang like a Ferrari or Lambo, but definitely unique. It does hint towards Italian styling though.

TK said...

actually, it's an italian car with an american drivetrain. ford bought the rights to distribute it in the u.s. google tom tjaarda, he is the designer. detomaso was the manufacturer.