Tuesday, December 18, 2007

must be the holidays

i guess i don't have to tell any of you that the days are hectic, hectic, hectic. traffic is crazy everywhere, there is snow on the ground, we were swamped at work today (geez, did everyone wake up today wanting a bike??) and there is a buzz in the air. must be the holidays.

i'm about to throw my trainer out the window. not because it isn't a good one. it's the best. but i'm already burnt out on it. and it's only december. i really wanted to get out on the bike today in the warmer weather, but there was no way i was skippin' out on work today. luckily, i've won some vhs tapes of past tours on ebay. it seems that it is pretty hard to find vhs tapes anywhere but there. no biggie. i got the 2000 tour for only $15, and the 2002 tour for $20. i can't find '99 anywhere yet, but hope to before i get bored of the others.

on a big plus, my pushups and pullups have been coming along really well. i do sets of 3 pushups, and my pr so far is 32-20-15. pullups are harder for a fat guy like me, so i do 2 sets, and the pr there is 13-7. i set both today. i usually try to do them after a trainer workout 4 times a week.

what are you getting for the holidays?


AB said...

Way to go on setting your pr on the push-ups and pull-ups Hanna. Oh I am sorry was that your pr TK?
Just kidding that is actually realy good and for sure more than most guys in STL are doing.

TK said...

wise guy, eh? why i oughta....