Saturday, December 29, 2007

time for a big boy bed

"i'm just full of surprises, aren't i?"
last night i was on the trainer while the beautiful mrs k took hanna with her to the grocery store. it was kind of late, around 10pm. she had put eli to bed, came down stairs, and told me she was going. i spun along to the tour 2002 tape and finished about 10:45pm.

i heard a bunch of racket upstairs when i turned off the tv and i was pretty irritated, full knowing that the dogs were getting into some mayhem. the upstairs tv was still on, and that irritated me because that meant hanna and mrs k left it on when they left.

i opened the basement door to the living room and saw eli watching shrek 3 on tv.

a moment passed, during which i tried to grasp hanna and mrs k being home already. suddenly, i realized that eli was there alone. which meant he had gotten out of his crib by himself. and opened his bedroom door by himself. and walked down stairs from his room. and settled himself down to watch some shrek.

he was quite happy to see me, which i understood. i asked him what he was doing out of bed and he said "choo choo!" and pointed to the tv. i put in a thomas the train dvd and i asked him if he had gotten out of bed by himself and he nodded his head decisively while keeping his eyes fixed on the screen. i then asked if he had gotten out of his crib and opened his door and walked down the stairs without mommy or daddy and he giggled a little and nodded again.

i sat him beside me on the couch while i was still sticky and wet from riding the trainer. he was happy as a clam, and i was about to cry. all i could think about was his horror when he couldn't find us. he can't open the door to the basement, although i'm guessing he tried a few times, which probably scared him even more.

when the beautiful mrs k got home, i thought she was going to have a heart attack.


i explained again to her, and she still was in shock. it's pretty easy to see that he could do it, but it just seemed so unlikely at the moment. he had never done it before, and never acted like he would even try.

but there he was. when mommy asked him what he had done, he pointed upstairs. so, we took him up and put him in the crib and he grinned and giggled and stuck his little leg over the railing and grabbed the other railing with his hand and started to FALL off onto the floor. yep. he can do it. i got him out of the crib and he was so proud of himself.

so proud, in fact, that he surprised mommy again after his nap today while she was painting.

time for a big boy bed, i guess.

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