Monday, December 03, 2007

weekend pictorial

this is my sister. she made this face a long time ago, and just like your parents used to say, her face got stuck. and she even has more reason to make this face now because she's....
...although you'd never know it. she is very active and runs her own retail store for teachers. she raised three kids that turned out very well. she should be very proud...regardless of the faces she makes.

eli got some practice on the blow-up potty. this was after tyson was wearing it on his head. yes, his head. that boy ain't right, i tell you what.

hanna has a stuffed animal in her pants. whenever she wiggles her butt, it looks like a tail shaking. after seeing this, eli kept trying to put it down his diaper. these kids ain't right, i tell you what.

and look at these crazy kids. can you tell we haven't slept in days? we clean up pretty well, i think.

danna, the mastermind behind the surprise party, has tamed the wild beast. she is so good with kids. hanna and tyson just looooooove her. when hanna was born, danna gave her a little pink fuzzy blanket...the infamous danna blankey. hanna still has it, and frequently takes it with her wherever she goes.

the beautiful mrs k with tizzie, danna's dog. furniture, couches, other dogs, people...they are mere inconveniences to tizzie, who leaps anything and everything in single bounds. she never met a thing she couldn't climb on.

elijah discovered that binoculars are fun...even if he has no idea what they are. sorry tammy, you'll have to wipe those things off before you go checkin' out any eagles in the trees.

and here i am, not having a clue as to what has happened the whole weekend.

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